Rooms available from 80€
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Pantai Treatments

Salve in terra

Experience the magic of our couple’s private steam cabin. Relax with your partner on a soft, heated couch while we apply a skin care product of your choice. Enjoy the heat and humidity in privacy while soft music and lighting create a soothing environment. At the end of your treatment, cool off with a revitalizing shower. Complimentary glass of champagne included.

Pantai Contour Concept

New anti-cellulite concept. Your micro circulation gets stimulated and small fat cells get detached and whisked away. Tread along this new path to get a tight, beautiful skin.

90min - €120

Pantai Louar

Fascinating exotic fragrances surround you during this unique treatment ritual from Eastern Asia. A special combination of precious oils, herbs, fruits and spices completely regenerates both body and soul.

60min - €100 or 30min - €70

Pantai Herbal Belle Visage

Pamper yourself with this luxurious facial treatment originating in the Asian culture. For a beaming appearance with the use of warm, steamed sachets filled with precious herbs.

45min - €70